Time Line for New Construction   

New Builds in Fitzroy Estates will take anywhere from 9 to 10 months, depending on weather, permit availability, materials supply, service and trade availability and many other factors.  Below is an outline of the Paperwork required and its purpose, along with the construction time.

Paperwork Preparation

  1. Permit-ready Building Plans (10 sets) conforming to all current Building Code requirements.  It will take a draftsman 25-30 days
  2. Plans are then sent to a Truss Manufacture to engineer-design all floor and roof trusses. The designs are then entered into their production schedule. (10-30 days)
  3. At the same time as Item #2 is happening, the plans are sent to an Engineering Company to create a “Site Plan” that.  The Site Plan will show the building location on the lot, conforming to City of Ottawa lot Setbacks, the drainage for the house and lot, the location of the septic system and its design layout, along with the well location.  In addition, the Engineering firm will design the septic system for the house, based on the number of fixtures, bedrooms etc., apply for the Septic Permit from the Conservation Authority and secure all Septic Design documentation, for submission to the City of Ottawa, Planning Department. (20-30 days)
  4. Once Items 1, 2 and 3 have been completed, a Building Permit Application may be submitted to the City Planning Department for review and approval. (30 days)
  5. Receipt of the Building Permit and commencement of Construction
  6. Site prep, soils tests, clearing of top soil off building site, installation of culvert and stone driveway, layout the plot for house footings, create site survey, and arrange to drill well.
  7. House footings laid out, pour concrete into forms, installation of rebar.
  8. Erect foundation walls on footings, prepare forms to receive concrete for basement walls, pour concrete, allow to set up a minimum 24 hours.
  9. Strip off forms, check for imperfections and repair.
  10. Install waterproofing against exterior walls and seal.
  11. Install weeper tile drainage around perimeter of foundation, into sump pit, cover with sock and gravel and sand.  Finish backfilling around entire foundation.
  12. House framing will start with sill plate gasket, and sill plate. Walls, window and door framing and openings, floor truss install, roof truss install, garage framing and much more.  This will take 3- 4 weeks.
  13. Install all doors, windows, clad exterior
  14. Install all roof materials, ice shield per code, asphalt shingles, roof vents etc.
  15. During this period, several inspections by the City will take place foundation, tile drainage, framing etc.
  16. Begin all “rough ins” for electrical, plumbing, heating and HRV.  Further inspections by City for all rough in systems.
  17. Install all insulation and begin drywalling walls and ceilings.  When complete, taping  and mudding may commence.  Once complete, sand and prime all surfaces.
  18. Move to install final finishes.  First coat of paint on all trim and walls, doors and ceilings, etc.
  19. Tile all bath surrounds and bath floors with ceramic tile, ceramic where noted in the plans.  Kitchen, front entry, laundry (if on main floor)
  20. Install all Oak Hardwood floors throughout, where noted on plan. Note protective coverings cover all finished floors until completion and are then removed during final cleaning.
  21. Install all kitchen and bath fixtures, all electrical fixtures and switches, exterior lights and lawn lamp.  Install Hi-Efficient Propane Furnace, HRV, and Hi-Efficient HWT (rental), Plumber completes all laundry connections, sump pump set up, well pump and pressure tank and, if requested by Purchaser, rough in bath in basement, install ejector pump system to septic system along with laundry tub.
  22. All exterior finishes, doors, siding, stone (if in plan), soffit, facia, garage doors, all paint touch ups interior and exterior, as required.
  23. All final inspections are carried out by City inspector and Final and Occupancy Permits are issued.  At this point, the house is finished and will have taken almost 9-10 months to complete.  Before turning the house over to the Buyer, the Builder will do a “walk through” of the house and note any and all discrepancies.  A list will be compiled and the Builder will address each item to be corrected.  After 1 year, the Buyer and Builder will do another walk through to correct any further discrepancies that may have surfaced since the original walk through.  On Closing, the Builder will provide a Home Owner Information Package from the Tarion New Home Warranty Program, which will contain information on the care and maintenance of your New Home.

I hope that this breakdown of the entire process will provide you with a new insight into the construction time line and all that is involved.  This barely touches the surface and is meant for information purposes and not an actual building schedule.